Individually stamped into real sealing wax using your custom artwork, our Wax Seals are designed for a wide range of surfaces and are finished with an adhesive backing for easy use.



  • Envelope sealing

  • Embellishing the invitation itself

  • Escort or Place Cards

  • Favor or Gift tags

  • Thank you notes


Important Note: If you are planning to use wax seals over ribbon, you must purhcase Wax Sticks. Melting and stamping is the best application process for sealing ribbon. Self-adhesive wax seals are great for embellishing paper, vellum, and envelopes.

Wax Seals



• 1 inch diameter impression, actual seal 1/8” larger

• Peel and stick

• Professional grade adhesive backing



The cost of wax sticks for the melt and stamp application style includes:

• wax in your selected color

• keepsake stamper with a 1" custom die

• melting and stamping application done by Shop Aurea